LEED Certification

 KCMH is the first LEED Platinum Certified Critical Access Hospital in the United States. The original Kiowa County Hospital was destroyed on May 4, 2007 in a massive tornado that destroyed or severely damaged 95% of Greensburg, Kansas. KCMH decided to build back to the highest level of LEED and "Go Green". In fact, the hospital's design team took one of the most energy-intensive building types and designed a first-of-it's-kind energy efficient hospital, while still meeting functional and safety requirements. 

Recycled materials were used in 30% of the interior finishes, including tile and recycled rubber floors. Walking paths incorporated into the healing garden and patio micro-climate promote the healing strategies of the hospital. 


Energy Efficient Features

· Daylighting maximizes the use of natural light to offset electrical lighting loads in 75% of the interior.

· High-performance low-E, double-glazed windows allow natural light to offset electrical lighting for a significant portion of the facility while also providing insulation.

· A well-insulated building envelope containing R-25 sprayed polyurethanefoam insulation significantly reduces energy costs and allows more efficient heating and cooling technologies to be used throughout the facility.

· Light colors used on the roof and parking lots reflect heat away from the building

· A heat recovery system recycles exhaust air while providing fresh air to reduce energy consumption

· Energy-efficient lights and lighting controls reduce energy used for artificial lighting.

· An energy-efficient air conditioner uses a magnetic bearing chiller that is more cost effective and less noisy.

· Energy-efficient office equipment reduces energy consumption used for administrative tasks.

· The high-efficiency heating, ventilation, and air conditioning and heat recovery system takes advantage of the abundant renewable electricity from the Greensburg Wind Farm.