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KCMH Providers

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Kelsey Hott, PA

I grew up in Medicine Lodge, Kansas, the eldest of three children. My father, Richard Meador, was a family physician at Medicine Lodge Memorial Hospital for 40 years and has been working in Greensburg Family Practice for the last three years. After graduating from high school, I attended Emporia State University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. I then decided to attend the Physician Assistant program at Alderson-Broaddus College in West Virginia in August 2005. I graduated in May 2008 and immediately started working for Hahn Medical that summer. We specialize in Dermatology and Family Medicine with ten different clinics in the northeastern part of West Virginia. We decided that we wanted to be closer to home, and I accepted a position at Kiowa County Memorial Hospital in September 2011. I have also been doing a once-a-month dermatology clinic in Medicine Lodge since July 2010.

I have been happily married for the last ten years. My husband is a funeral director and works for Larrison's Funeral Home in Pratt and Medicine Lodge. We live in Medicine Lodge, and do not have any children at this time, but we have three wonderful little dogs, Jasper Snow, and Rork. Most of my time is spent either working or hanging out with my family, but on the rare occasions that I do have free time, I really enjoy reading and traveling.

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Dr. Jenifer Cook

Dr. Jenifer Cook is a board-certified Family Medicine Specialist with over 20 years of experience. Dr. Cook does mission work both at home and abroad and has a heart for rural medicine. She serves as the chief medical officer and sees patients monthly at Greensburg Family Practice.

A woman with a stethoscope around her neck.

Riann Tyree, PA

My name is Riann Tyree, formerly Riann Heft, and I am a lifelong Greensburg resident. I made the decision to enter the medical field at a very young age and settled on the PA route in early high school prior to attending Kansas State University (go Cats!), where I decided on a major in Kinesiology, the study of exercise physiology. Physical activity and sports have been a major part of my life from when I was very young, so that has always been an interest of mine. While at K-State, I also worked in an orthopedic clinic and participated in research that involved studying neurophysiologists of the brains of rats during physical activity. A month after graduating from K-State in May 2018, I started the PA program at Wichita State University and got my first (fur) baby, Mosely! A year into my PA school career, I married Trevor, my long-time best friend and boyfriend since middle school. I landed on the decision to accept a position in family medicine at Family Practice Associates of Western Kansas, a clinic in Dodge City, KS, following graduation from my program, where I worked for about a year and a half until the arrival of my son, Sutter in May 2022. As you can imagine, I hated the idea of being an hour away from my baby on a daily basis. This, paired with the idea of the opportunity to serve my little hometown, led me to the decision to accept a position at KCMH, and it was one of the best ones I could have made! I look forward to helping care for the people that make this place my home, and continuing to become more integrated into the community that I love!

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Joshua Moulin, PA

My name is Josh Moulin, I am a PA with 16 years of experience in family medicine and emergency medicine.

I am married to my wife Lindsey and have 3 wonderful kids, Easton 13, Cami 10, and Krew 2. They are all smart, loving, funny, and kind. We are a very active family, attending golf, softball, singing, basketball events, and many more in between. During my free time, you will find me either at a sporting event for my kids, at the golf course, or church, or traveling the world with my family.

Prior to going to PA school, I obtained a master's in physical therapy. At my previous job, I worked in a fast-paced ER and busy family practice. I took care of patients from birth to the end of life. While there, using my background as a physical therapist, I started a sports medicine program at the local high school, where I cared for injured athletes. My goal is to provide high-quality care to the residents of Kiowa County and surrounding areas, be involved in the community, and help the people of Greensburg in any way I can.